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Bat Boy having fun
Bat Girl having fun
Brett Bello
Brett Bello makes the throw
Brett Bello receives the pitch from Velarde
Brett Bello stares down a runner
Chris Brue
Chris Brue beats the throw at second
Chris Brue drives in a run
Chris Brue snags the throw to beat the runner
Colby Harrison
Colby Harrison pitches in relief
Colt 45s and Kings exchange pleasantries after splitting two game series one game each.
Eamon Velarde defeats the West Coast Kings
Eamon Velarde pitches against the West Coast Kings
Eamon Velarde throws eight strong innings
Eric Carlson fields the pop at third base
Eric Carlson watches one fly off the bat
Homer gettin' a drink of cool, clean water
Homer having fun during dizzy bat race
Kyle Schroedle takes a pitch
Miguel Marquez
Miguel Marquez scores against West Coast Kings
Nick Horsley
Nick Horsley bats against the Kings
Nick Horsley reaches on an error
Nobody has more fun at the ballpark than Homer
Ouch! It looks like it hit Miguel Marquez in the belt buckle, but he's ok!
Our great staff
Right hander Eamon Velarde strikes out ten
The Colt 45s dugout
Tyler Thompson digs in
Tyler Thompson fouls one off
Tyler Thompson slides safely home