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Third Base Club

Party Pavilion

The Third Base Club (TBC) is private area along the third base line just past the dugout where you can host 50-100 people — staff and their families.

The area is on grass and in the shade by game times, so even on hot summer days, it makes for a pleasant evening.

It is $750 for 50 and then $15 person after that up to 100. Each person gets admission to the game and TBC area plus a hamburger or hot dog, drink (no beer or wine) and a bag of chips. Wine and beer can be purchased.

It is a great family event. A real team builder. There’s not much you can do for 50 people for $750. Plus everyone enjoys a night at the ballpark and helps the Colt 45s.

The announcer will let folks know that your business/group is supporting the Colt 45s on your night.

The Third Base Club is in the restricted area, so after the game your youngsters can just wait by the dugout for players to exit to get autographs.

Also, there’s a chance for you to have one child 9-12 years of age be the bat boy/girl for the evening. We’ll provide details after you commit to a night.

If you have a business promo item, we’ll hand it out to the first 50-100 people through the gate on your night.

You get bands. The bands are punched when folks get their concessions. You can hand out bands in advance or wait at the gate and had them out on your night.

There is beer/wine, but that is for sale. We can’t give that away i.e. trade up from the soft drink/water.

For more information or to request a list of open dates, email Bill Wagner at