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UPDATE: Colt 45s season suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic

Summer baseball program will follow lead of MLB, health officials relative to 2020 Covid 19 Coronavirus

(UPDATED APRIL 24, 2020)

Read and hear the announcement from General Manager Rick Bosetti here.


When the green light is given, baseball will be back in full force for Redding and Northern California.

The Redding Colt 45s summer collegiate baseball season is still set to begin in late May, with future decisions to be determined during the Covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic based on baseball, civic and public guidelines.

“We are following the lead of Major League Baseball,” said Rick Bosetti, general manager of the Colt 45s. “Our schedule is set to begin at Tiger Field in late May, on the 29th.”

Bosetti emphasizes that the non-profit program, a vital part of the community during the summer months and one of the state’s most respected annual showcases for college talent, is following the guidelines and recommendations set forth by governmental and health agencies, as well as the baseball community at large. When games do begin, the Colt 45s will implement advised guidelines to keep the team and baseball community at large safe and healthy to enjoy the games they love.

Bosetti said the 2020 roster is already filled with solid talent from throughout California and the region, eager to get in lost at bats and innings during their collegiate seasons. Much like Major League Baseball and pro players, Colt 45s players are staying sharp with small, socially distant workouts such as batting, bullpen sessions and more.

“We’re able too really get the field in exceptional shape,” Bosetti said of the hiatus that forced cancellation of college and high school games originally scheduled for Tiger Field. Newly seeded, groomed and repaired playing surfaces, plus bullpen, facility and infrastructure improvements, are all being done by Bosetti and a small group of socially conscious individuals, dedicated to following health guidelines but still able to work outside on a variety of projects.

“When the season opens, families and fans will be ready for some fun,” Bosetti said. “We will be there for them.”

Some events, such as Kool April Nites and other pre-season/off-season activities, have been cancelled due to the health concerns. But when the community is cleared to resume normal activities, the Colt 45s plan to provide fans of all ages with the fun experience they have come to expect.

Season ticket packages begin at $200 for 40 tickets. Reserved season tickets with name designated seating begins at $325, and the club is already booking the popular 3rd Base Club events for groups of 50 people starting at $650. For more info on tickets, contact Rick Bosetti directly at